Meet our Owner

Piper Downing has owned Bare Bones Dog wash since 2022. She grew up in a small town in California. She attended Butte Community college and graduated with 2 degrees, soon after she went to Animal Behavioral College to become a certified pet groomer. Piper graduated from AB College in 2019, with a certificate in pet grooming, pet CPR, and pet first aid. Since graduating Piper has expanded her knowledge with animals by working full time as a groomer and attending pet seminars. She moved to Oregon in 2020 and started working under Connie Manning the creator and previous owner of Bare Bones. Since purchasing the shop Piper has strived to keep Connie’s legacy alive by continuing to offer the services previously put forward, and maintain neighborhood relationships with all of the clientele she built in the last 20 years.

Piper aspires to run a small mom and pop shop with a welcoming whimsical feel. Since owning the shop Piper has brought in many new eye wandering, nose wetting, wiggly tail treats and raw bones. Her grandfather built the shop a brand new raw bone bar with bulk treats and drooling yummy dog bones. Piper’s sister also painted a beautiful mural inside the shop starring our wonderful shop dogs!

Throughout her journey in the creative world of grooming. Piper found that her breed of choice are Standard Poodles. She loves to create AKC cuts to whimsical rainbow hair cuts. She has a Standard Poodle of her own named Bordeaux Jones. She loves to spend her extra time creating poodle art on her beloved poodle boy. She also has a Chiweenie named Todd, who is a Bare Bones celebrity! His hours are Thursday though Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. He will be waiting for his snuggles.

Testimonial from our owner:

“I have dreamed of one day owning a small dog salon since I was a young child. When I started working at Bare Bones I had no idea I would own it 2 long Covid years later. Connie has not only been a great boss, friend, but she also sold me my dream business. I want to thank her for my ability to offer the care and support that I do, to our clients. I am honored to be able to provide for my community here in Eugene. I strive for the health and happiness of your pet above all else. Thankyou for your business!”

-Piper Downing